Creating a Futuristic Workspace for a Beautiful Girl

This tutorial will show how to define brush presets, using smart objects and also other simple techniques to create a futuristic workspace of a cute-looking business woman.

Preview of Final Image

The texts and images are copyrighted to 10Steps.SG and their respective owners. You CANNOT copy the whole tutorial, either in English or translate to another language.

Create a document with 1000×700 pixels. Fill the background with a gradient as shown below. The gradient starts with #000000 at the top left and #245574 at bottom right.

Create a new layer and rename it as "Spotlights". Using the Brush tool with Soft Rounded edge and 600px, paint two white large dots as shown below. Set the Blend Mode of "Spotlights" layer to Overlay.

Download "Young beautiful businesswoman making choose on abstract screen" from ShutterStock. Crop the girl out of her background using one of the extraction methods here.

Download "Stylized 3D vector globe" from ShutterStock. Open up the file with Illustrator. Select the globe and press CTRL+C to copy. Switch back to Photoshop and press CTRL+V to paste the globe as a Smart Object in your working document. Position the globe behind the girl like I did below.

Right-click on the globe and choose Rasterize. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and set the radius as 2px. Right click on the globe layer again and choose Blending Options. Check Outer Glow and input the settings as shown below.

Create a new layer and rename it as "Rings". Make a white oval shape like the one I did. Leave the selection active.

Go to Select > Modify > Contract. Set the radius to 5px. Press DELETE and you get a ring.

Set the opacity of the ring layer to 20%. Right-click on it and choose Blending Options. Check on Outer Glow and input the settings as shown below.

Create a few more rings with similar steps and overlap them behind the girl.

Create a new layer above the rings and rename it as "Glowing Dots". Using the Brush tool and Soft Rounded edge and 15px, paint white dots at the intersections between the rings.

Create another new layer and make an oval shape as shown below.

Using the Eraser tool with size 600px, click once at the center of the oval shape. Set the opacity of this layer to 20%.

Duplicate the layer twice and reduce its size at each time. Stack the three oval shapes in the same manner as I did below.

Position the oval shapes behind the girl. Go to Edit > Transform > Free Transform to rotate the shapes around 30 degrees clockwise.

Duplicate the oval shapes again. Enlarge and then flip them horizontally.

Now select the girl layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Set the saturation to -35.

Go to Image > Adjustments > Curves. In the Green channel, drag the curve slightly upwards so you can see the girl is turning a little greener. Do the same for the Blue channel.

Go to Image > Adjustments > Levels. Set the values to 50, 1, 255.

Right-click on the girl layer and choose Blending Options. Check on Outer Glow and input the settings shown below.

Create a new layer and rename it as "Glow". Using the Brush tool with Soft Rounded edge and 700px, paint a blue glow at the girl’s hand.

CTRL+left click on the girl layer to load her selection. Click on the "Glow" layer and make a Layer Mask with that selection.

Create a new document of size 150×150 pixels. Make a rounded rectangle shape with white color. Right-click on the shape and choose Blending Options. Check on Stroke and set the color to black and size to 3px. Press CTRL+A to select the entire document. Go to Edit > Define Brush Preset. This will create a new brush in your Presets Panel.

Now back to the earlier document and open up the Brush Panel. Enter the settings as shown in the screenshots below.

Create a new layer below the girl. Rename the layer as "Floating Squares". Using the brush made in the earlier step to paint some rounded squares at the background.

Create a new layer above the girl layer and make a white circle so that her finger is within it.

Paint a white dot at the tip of her finger.

Now is the time to type in some texts with bitmap fonts. To download cool bitmap fonts, visit Remember to flip your texts horizontally so they are facing towards the girl’s direction.

Duplicate the texts layer and go to Filter > Blur Gaussian Blur. Set the radius to 2px and hit OK.

Lastly, you may repeat the steps to create more texts around the girl for a better result. Hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Maritza Andrade says:

    Excellent tutorial. I made one with a toddler picture and use other elements such as: bipmaps, molecules, etc. Just amazing. I learned many things. Thanks for sharing.

  2. kathleen says:

    This is awesome, I really like it.

  3. aritra says:

    nice tutotrial……thankz

  4. Mukut says:

    very nice tutorial !!!!

  5. Daniel says:

    Thank you very much..!!
    Good very tutorial….!

  6. Avie says:

    This is so amazing tutorial,I better try it,. thanks! 🙂

  7. sky says:

    this is best design side. thanks to you please sent any design my mail.

  8. Kerem says:

    This tutorial was very nice! I think there was one part I didn’t understand, i’m on cs5 and the interface is a little different. But I managed to get around it.

    Great tutorial

  9. Just asked our Intern to work on this so we can create some Web Courses Bangkok desktops 🙂 Hope she does not use a pic of me!

  10. afino says:

    Really nice tut! It’s necessary for me. Thanks

  11. Haker 15 says:

    Hi, my question is how to download something from Shutterstock or do I need to pay anything or not, if so, whether someone could be made available to me for free

  12. Mohit Dhiman says:

    Great tutorial, was looking for something like this.

  13. JohnSmith says:

    Wonderful and easy step tutorial …! thanks for sharing….

  14. Jody Meyer says:

    OK so I am going to have to try this, looks great, I will post once finished

  15. mark h says:

    took me hours n hours to do this. was well worth the effort. just hope i can remember it all. cheers…

  16. Edgar says:

    Incredible! One of your best tutorials yet thanks!

  17. Niyi says:

    You are really talented dude! Good to see the site is almost 2 years old and still growing stronger.

  18. Nitin Shinde says:

    Realy nice tutorial how u given step by step is realy good.
    Thanks a lot.

  19. wien says:

    very nice tutorial but the girl looks like a teacher

  20. 3d3lmz_AM says:

    Can you make a tutorial to show how to make a normal person how to look like toy story 3 or gta 4

  21. PhotoshopBeginner says:

    Excellent tutorial, Mr. Johnson.
    Very useful indeed. Especially the Select > Modify and the soft edge 15 px brush etc. =)

  22. alenelias says:

    Very nice tutorial here! I like the simple effects used!

  23. koncro says:

    it’s so cool!!
    btw, do you know how to transform our faces into toy story-like caracters?

  24. Sandesh says:

    Nice work Johnson.I like the details you given to this project.And i agree with sadhu girl is not so cool.

    Thanks anyway enjoyed the whole tutorial.

  25. oliver says:

    Nice tutorial, thanks 🙂

  26. Karthik says:

    Good stuff john…

  27. tee are says:

    wow.. i love it… thanks for the tutorial

  28. ricardofx says:

    i like this buddy!congratz XD

  29. sadhu says:

    girl is not beautiful lor~
    put May better… haha….

  30. Tony says:

    Another fantastic but yet very useful tutorial work. I love it!! Thank you Johnson. =)

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