Creating a Smoke Fading Effect


We will need a close up image of a model, and also the awesome Smoke Brushes Set 1 designed by Falln-Stock.

Click here to download the brushes.
Click here to download the model image.

All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.

Step 1 – Setting Up Environment

Create a document of size 750 by 550px.

Use Gradient tool with foreground color #2B2B2B and background #000000, start a linear gradient from the bottom-left.

Step 2 – Adding Clouds

Create a new layer on top of the Background. Set the foreground color to #000000 and background to #FFFFFF.

Go to Filter > Render > Clouds. Set the blending mode of this layer to Color Dodge.

Use Soft Eraser tool of size 300px, remove some parts of the clouds as shown in the diagram.

Step 3 – Cropping the Model

Crop your model out with Pen tool and place it close to the clouds on the left.

Click here to view more methods for extraction.

Step 4a – Creating Smoke

Duplicate the model layer and use the Rectangular Marquee tool to select the right half of the duplicated model.

Go to Edit > Free Transform and stretch the half of model’s face to the right as shown in the diagram.

Use Soft Eraser tool of size 300px, fade off the right part of the stretched image.

Step 4b – Creating Smoke

Go to Filter > Distort > Wave.

Set the Generators to 5, Type to Sine, Min Wavelength to 10, Max Wavelength to 120, Min Amplitude to 5, Max Amplitude to 35 and both Scale to 100%.

Select Repeat Edge Pixels under Undefined Areas.

Step 4c – Creating Smoke

Hide the wavy model for the time being and create a new layer on top of it.

Paint a large smoke with color #FFFFFF on the new layer. Position it near to the face as shown in the diagram.

Step 4d – Creating Smoke

On the same layer, paint in more smoke of various shapes and sizes.

Note that the smoke has to be connected or close to the skin for better results.

Step 4e – Creating Smoke

Ctrl+left click on the smoke layer to load selection on its luminosity.

Unhide the wavy model and apply a layer mask on it with the selection. Delete the smoke layer once the layer mask is created.

See the layer shown in the diagram.

Step 5a – Fading Model

Create a new layer above the original model.

Use Smoke Brushes of color #FFFFFF, paint in large smokes on the face of the model on the new layer.

Step 5b – Fading Model

Ctrl+left click on the new smoke layer to load selection on its luminosity.

Select the original model layer and apply a layer mask on it with the selection. Delete the smoke layer once the layer mask is created.

See the layer shown in the diagram.

Step 6 – Apply Outer Glow

Right-click on the original model layer and choose Blending Options.

Activate Outer Glow and set the color to #FFFFFF, mode to Color Dodge and size to 5px.

You can see a nice glowing border around the edge of the face blending with the clouds at the background.

Step 7 – Adjusting Colors

Create a new Levels Adjustment Layer at the topmost and key in the values 40, 0.75, 255.

Create another Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer above the Levels. Key in the Hue as 190, Saturation as 25 and Lightness as 0.


You can paint the eyes white to achieve a more mystery feel. Lastly, add some texts to complete the design!

Video tutorial is posted at Vimeo

Click here to view the final image.

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  1. Erik says:

    Who can make for me such picture??? please,,, i can take my URL photo,,,, pleaste help me

  2. Loki says:

    I use photoshop elements 11 will this work?
    I cannot seem to find how to highlight only the luminosity within this step. New to elements but very familiar to photoshop

  3. Lore says:

    Hi, i have a question. Can I use Photoshop CS5 for this tutorial?

  4. Jay says:

    Loved it… didnt come out like the picture you have displayed but what I created was just as good!!!

  5. Ali says:

    This is an AWESOME tutorial, thank you all the way from Abu Dhabi, UAE!

  6. anonimo says:

    hi friend, a guy stole your tutorial and published it on their channel

  7. aquintanilla says:

    Okay. This looks like a really awesome tutorial. I’ve tried doing a few of this guy’s without success. He was explaining everthing nicely then all of the sudden it’s just like “And then you click here here and there and your done” and I got lost.. I’m not really a beginner. I admit it’s been a few months since I’ve played with photoshop.. I was hoping someone could post some better explained instructions? Or email me and help me out a little? Thanks!

  8. Linda says:

    that’s grade! πŸ˜€
    do you have other tutorial photo manipulation?
    i want this!

  9. Sarabeth says:

    Tried this for the first time and It came out perfect. πŸ™‚ Really pleased.

  10. Tokugijoo says:

    Anyone having trouble with steps 4e and 5a, I have some advice. I’m running CS5 on a mac, but it will probably work for windows too.

    When he says to “ctrl+left click to select its luminosity,” he’s just making use of a shortcut. Sadly, it doesn’t work on macs, and I had a bit of a time realizing just what was happening. This worked for me though:

    Click on the smoke layer. Then, on the top of the screen click on “Select” and go down to click on “Load Selection.” A new little box will show up, so click OK on it, and you’ve complete that step.

    I’ve noticed another issue you guys are having too. I’ll describe how I got step 5a and b done.

    When you create the new smoke layer above the original model face layer, do as he says and put a bunch’a smoke on it. After that though, click on a new brush – any one will do. Fill in the portion of the woman’s face with white (color #ffffff). You’ll notice that it will make that portion show up clean. After you do this, repeat the Select>Load Selection>Ok process. Then click on the original model layer. On the top of the screen, click on Layer, then Layer Mask, and then “Reveal Selection.” After that, click on the little chain link between the original model layer and the layer mask you just made to un-link them. Use the Move tool to move the layer mask around until you like what you see.

    Well, I hope that helped someone. I’ve enjoyed this tutorial.

  11. Thijmen says:

    This is actually one of the first photoshop tutorials I ever did, but noticed I never linked it back to here. It was quite a challenge at the time, but was very happy with the result. Should re-do it sometime soon since my skills have improved πŸ™‚

  12. BrokenArt says:

    I have tried this Tut over 20 times now and I haven’t had a single success πŸ™
    I have done EXACTLY as the video does and the tut describes, I have tried a different photo about 5 or 6 times and I have the same problem every time.

    Once I get to making a selection on the luminosity and adding it as a layer mask to my photo, I lose around three quarters of my smoke and it leaves a sharp line where the gradient of the various smokes dissipate/gradiate.
    The detail in the hair blends into the smoke fine, but I lose over half the smoke every time and I cannot figure out why???
    PLEASE help, I am using CS5 on a windows 7 laptop.

  13. Carl says:

    Has to be the most retarded tut I’ve ever come across for CS5 to be pretty blatant! The description in each step isn’t detailed enough, if you do EXACTLY as this says, you don’t end up with anything comparable at all, UNLESS, you have a lot of experience in CS software…. Which defeats the point of even reading a tut

  14. Asmaa Nassar says:

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  15. Tuandung says:

    “Ctrl+left click on the smoke layer to load selection on its luminosity. Unhide the wavy model and apply a layer mask on it with the selection. Delete the smoke layer once the layer mask is created.”
    I did it but I don’t understand what happened, how tools activity. I am a beginner, can you explain to me? ^^

  16. Aye says:

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    such shame -_-

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    Awesome tutorial. This really helped me with a design. Thanks for the help!

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    Step 4e – Creating Smoke
    i don’t understand this step. please is explain, really “dumb it down” πŸ˜› thanks heaps

  20. gin says:

    hey, the settings on this page (as well as others i have noticed) are not quite right. i can’t read the right side of the writing because of the adds in the way, therefore i can’t go on to the next step. could you please change it? thanks heaps πŸ™‚

  21. Quaylan says:

    Thanks bro I am a beginner, so I have a lot to learn here’s my final result.

    Link —>!/photo.php?fbid=1942196003456&set=a.1573306541450.2074209.1499132150&type=1&theater

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  23. GloomNdoom says:

    I’m having a problem with 4e. Nothing happens when I press Ctrl+left click on the smoke layer. Is there another way to get the smoke layer onto a layer mask in the wave layer? I’m working with ps cs3.

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  27. chris says:

    I have CS5 and the problem that I’m having is in 5a whenever I use the smoke tool to cover the face then paint around it with the basic brush as shown in the vid. when I use layer mask it still have that blob on it even when i disable and delete it after i’ve used the layer mask. I went step by step and the results werent pleasing

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      Hi Alejandro

      Umm im stuck on the part with the masking and cant seem to get it right…Please email me how i need to do it step by step im lil confused with mask layer on luminocity…

      Kind Regards

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    In case people still want to see the outcome of my attempts (as I know that this tutorial is quite old…but great), please find the link below:

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  36. Orangesensation says:

    Hey all

    Man, this post is very old by glad to see there is still activity on this great tut. First of all, I would like to say thanks to Johnson for taking the time to make this. I thought there were crucial parts missed out in the written tutorial but the vid makes things clearer.

    I am also a semi-noob to all this designing marlarky but thought the majority of the steps were understandable. I also agree with some of the ppl who don’t understand why we need to do some of the steps but as long as you learn and enjoy the process, its all gravy eh? πŸ˜€

    Thanks once again and its great seeing peoples own spin in their designs. I hope to post mine on soon too!

    • Koreena says:

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      PLEASE HELP = so confused

  37. @KarmaTiger says:

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  71. Johnson Koh says:

    Sorry for my late reply guys.

    @Colten: 5:18 of the video is where I press Ctrl+left mouse click on the smoke layer to load its selection.

    @silent: Go to Windows > Tools. Rectangular Marquee tool is the first tool of Tools Panel.

    @zwall: I have just embedded the video in the post below the texts. Hope it helps.

    @Steele: Glad it works for you! πŸ˜€

  72. Steele says:

    Dude this tutorial was soo much fun. I got stuck on 4e like everyone else but I watched the video tutorial and it cleared everything up for me have fun guys and good luck

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    Hey there! First off, I would just like to say that the tutorial is fantastic. I understood all of the directions, I just became rather confused at step 4e. I’ve read all of the other comments, and watched the little flash, but when I cntrl left click all I get is a box that allows me to select a layer to move about, nothing about luminosity. I am completely baffled by this and I can’t figure out how to select luminosity. Oh, and I’m using CS3 on a MAC OSX if that’s helpful at all. Anyone’s input on what could be wrong is most appreicated. Thanks!

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    any updates on how to do the layer mask on step 4e for CS4?

  78. Johnson Koh says:

    For question 1 – The foreground and background of a gradient can be modify by double-clicking on the two colored boxes right at the bottom of Tools (Windows > Tools).

    For question 2 – Layer Mask only allow Grayscale (meaning any tones of Black and White). You can also modify the gradient by double-clicking on the two colored boxes right at the bottom of Tools.

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    Hi Odette,
    That was a good attempt for beginner. Maybe you can enhance the effect by erasing more of the head on the right side (such as the ear, hair and neck) so the smoke can be seen better. Also using a bigger size of Smoke Brush will help too!

    Another thing you can do is to tweak the values of the Levels Adjustment layer at Step 7. It can make your glow brighter with some trial and error.

  87. Odette says:

    I have a small problem with the tutorial … I am a beginner and unfortunately I did not understand many of the steps that have been made.
    This is my result, but something is missing. The smoke effect in the hair is semi-transparent and isn’t bright as in the end of the tutorial text. The thing I noticed is that it comes out the same in the video tutorial, as it came to me … Who helps me? I do not know how to do it, sorry … ( i speak english only little, again sorry for my wrong)

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    No problem Andrea.

    I’m happy to share my experiments. May not be the best methods around but hope to provide some basic clues.

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    this is really nice. i made it. Great tutorial.

  96. Johnson Koh says:

    @ Xin: So sorry for my late reply. Has been busy with work lately. Are you able to find the Load Brushes button? You can see it by clicking on the arrow located at the top right on Brushes panel.

    @ Hin: The Adjustment Layer can be added by clicking on the button beside Layer Mask button at bottom of Layers Panel.

    It looks like a circle with half black top and half white bottom. Once you click on it, choose Levels.

  97. hin says:

    after 2hrs of researching bout layer mask i finally understand it now >.<

    now my question is on step 7

    “Create a new Levels Adjustment Layer at the topmost and key in the values 40, 0.75, 255.” <– where can i find these?

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    Thanks Theshadowskill!

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    Hi Focus, the smoke brushes is specified under “Preparations”. Maybe you missed it πŸ™‚

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    I tried using it and i got to creating smoke….

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  104. Johnson says:

    Hi Alwin, you can check out the video tutorial at

  105. Johnson says:

    Hi Nemy, I have added the link to download the model image above under Preparations. Enjoy~

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    I just paste the head, delete the part i dont want, add a little outer glow, and used a smoke brush you sead. Its done in 10min. Ofcourse could be better…
    This is not a smartass post, I’m a bigginer and there is probably reason why you did what you did but if you could explain it a little so i can understand better the photoshop.

    thank you…

  110. Johnson says:

    Happy new year guys πŸ˜€

    @Fury_24: Your words are motivating. I’m improving along with everyone here as well. See you around!

    @Brad: Wow another great try here. Thanks dude. Glad my stuffs are of some help to you.

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    Sorry for double posting, the link didnt embed…. here it is.
    Check it out

  112. brad says:

    Another great tutorial!! This one and the face shattering took me a little over 6 hours to complete each. This one had me stumped in a few places as with the last one, but thats the great thing about photoshop…. the best way to learn is to dive in and figure things out. I know I messed up in a few places, but Im very pleased with the result.

    I learned quiet a few things from you in here which opened up many more designs I am wanting to work on now.

    Thanks again for your awesome tuts!!

    Final result….

  113. Fury_24 says:

    Hey Johnson, first i would like to say that this is a AMAZING tutorial and i feel kind of disappointed on how many people are struggling to keep up with it and not telling you how well you put it together =\. Anyway i finished off one that turned out pretty good, but I figred i could do better so i made a second. Truly inspiring and a great tutorial, in less steps then i thought :P. Keep doing what your doing, great job.

  114. Johnson says:

    My pleasure Yi22. πŸ˜‰

  115. yi22 says:

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  117. Johnson says:

    You have done a great job Rush πŸ™‚

  118. Rush says:

    Here’s my result, tnx for the tutorial. Had a hard time with it though… but thats probely cause the smoke is white and my picture has lots of black in her clothes so it looks fake if u’d fade that away in smoke.



  119. Johnson says:

    It’s my pleasure to help πŸ™‚ I should thank you for supporting this tut too. Cya around!

  120. Thijmen says:

    Ok I followed your video this time and I did exactly what you did (but a lot smaller since I had to use the small face of that model) and now it worked out a bit better.
    Maybe add to step 5a that you have to use a normal brush to paint the left of the mask white πŸ˜‰ Thank you for responding and thank you for this tutorial. I learned a lot from it!
    End result:

  121. Johnson says:

    Hi Thijmen, possible to provide a screenshot of what you’ve got over there? Sounds like you have done it correctly but the masked image got shifted out of the white area.

  122. AlexUkraine says:

    Fucking!!! Cool, looking real!!! Autor Respect!!!

  123. Thijmen says:

    For some reason I can’t get the same effect at step 4e. The smoke won’t become black on the models face, but just disappears. I just get to see the models head with a bit of white smoke behind it.
    Help please?

  124. Celia says:

    Great Tutorial you have there !! =D

  125. Johnson says:

    Hi Sheratone, It’s great to know that this tut is useful for you πŸ˜€ I’ve seen your work. Excellent attempt!

  126. sheratone says:

    as a beginner it took me an entire night to do it, but at last there it is :

    Thanks johnson, your tutorial is awesome for noobs like me. Keep up ur good work

  127. Johnson says:

    I’m sorry Shawn as I haven’t tried CS4 yet. Not too sure on the difference in creating Layer Mask. Let me check around before getting back to you πŸ˜‰

    • Ana says:

      Hi Johnson

      Umm im stuck on the part with the masking and cant seem to get it right…Please email me how i need to do it step by step im lil confused with mask layer on luminocity…

      Kind Regards

  128. Shawn says:

    Hey, first off id like to say great tutorial..I have been trying to make a smoke picture similar to this one but i keep getting stuck on step 4e..I have read through all the other comments about getting stuck on this step but they are not really helping me. I am using photoshop CS4 and everytime I mask the layer containing the wavey picture i only seem to get a white box. Can anyone please help me out with this?


  129. Vision Labs says:

    Very Beautiful! Thank you so much for the video tut as I got stuck like everyone else. Mixture of Text and Video Tutorials creates easy understanding and endless creativity for all who learn πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Keep on working!!!!

  130. Johnson says:

    Hi Ali, Thanks for liking this tut πŸ˜€
    The image I used can be found at [link]

  131. Ali says:

    Brilliant work Johnson luved it alot …
    Was wondering if I can get the girl’s picture or at least you can show me where from kindly.
    I like to use same sources you always use mate.
    Thanks a million.

  132. J.T. Shaver says:

    That’s cool. Nice to see something original being done.

    Shaver Design – Print, Identity, and Web Design.

  133. kaki says:

    kaka shel madrih!

  134. Johnson says:

    Hi Daniel, you’ll need to load the Smoke Brushes downloaded at Preparations.

  135. DAniel says:

    I’m stuck in step Step 4c – Creating Smoke. How am i suppose to paint smoke?

  136. Kerry says:

    Really like this tut! Nice work. I’ll be sure to credit you when and if I publish this anywhere.

    Quickpost this image to Myspace, Digg, Facebook, and others!

  137. Johnson says:

    I’ve posted the video version for this tutorial at Vimeo. Here is the link. Hope it will help everyone.

  138. lily says:

    hey yeah so great tut but i tried every step and it doesnt work i think your missing some steps so everytime i apply the layer mask on the original model layer the model dissapears completely. im not sure if im doing something wrong or something a little help please.

  139. Malize says:

    Maybe the smoke part is the simpliest, but yet I can’t find out how to paint it…

  140. TC says:

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but it looks nothing like that… if I can figure out how to record a video of my computer screen directly to my camera I’ll show you what I am doing…

  141. ney says:

    como que faz pra baixar essa bosta de programa fdP…

  142. Phyrflie says:

    I found this tutorial very fun, but a little unclear at times. I have CS2 as well, and I’m not sure if that might have hindered some of the efforts I made to duplicate this image.
    I also used a different picture altogether, that might also have something to do with it…

  143. kody says:

    y dont you do some tutorials for ph elements 6?

  144. ness says:

    wow great tutor…
    i like it….

  145. Johnson says:

    I admire your courage πŸ˜€
    My wife will murder me if I were to do so.

  146. great tutorial made a sick image with my wifes picture.

  147. BiShOo says:


  148. ΓƒΛœyjorn says:

    Could you send the extracted version too, pls?=) Extracting heads, is the worst thing with PS. Yes, i’ve seen the extracting site, but i dont understand the pen tool :S

  149. ΓƒΛœyjorn says:


  150. Johnson says:

    Hi Xander, Nice attempt! Great to see your success!

    Oyjorn, the image I used can be found here. It’s actually a wallpaper of Laetitia Casta πŸ˜‰

  151. ΓƒΛœyjorn says:

    Hi Johnson! Can u make a link to the image ur using? In full size pls:) Cause if I copy it here, and try to enlarge it, its so crappy:P

    Xander: 4:) Try to cut of her back with some smoke instead, did it with my dog, looks like a flying wolf=)

  152. JonBoy says:

    Xander: Very nicely done! But try to let the smoke cut her back, so her feet doesnt show:) Did it with my dog, locked like an wolf=)

  153. Xander says:


    In my first comment I said I would try it later, and so I did.

    And so here is my outcome:
    Rate it please: 1-5



  154. Nice tutorial i really like it

  155. Lori Cole says:

    You always have the nicest layout and instructions for your tutorials. They are a pleasure to learn from. Thanks.

  156. Zion says:

    Wow, thanks for this tutorial, amazing trick

  157. Johnson says:

    Los >> No prob! Im glad you got it πŸ˜€

    Xander >> Yes the result in the video lose to the text tutorial because it was done quickly to help readers get past Step 4e. Thanks for your support!

  158. Xander says:

    Great tutorial, will do it myself tomorrow.

    Well the video tutorial learned me alot, but the outcome is not as nice as the on in your text tutorial.

    Anyway keep the tutorials coming


  159. Los says:

    Nevermind, I wasn’t actually clicking on the box. Sorry I was lame. Thanks for the help and tutorial though!

  160. Los says:

    The tutorial so far has been real helpful, still the part where I’m getting lost is 4e. In the video tutorial when you select the smoke layer and the smoke itself becomes selected isn’t happening when I do it. If I layer mask the wavy layer it links a white box. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

  161. Johnson says:

    I’ve redone this tutorial as a video posted at Vimeo


  162. Daniel says:


    Could anyone possibly do a quick tutorial of this on youtube ?

    Many Thanks

  163. TWODAY says:


  164. pat says:

    ugh i cant figure it out, my picture looks like shit compared to yours

  165. Johnson says:

    Hi Twoday,
    You can add the smoke by installing the Smoke Brush mentioned in the Preparations.

    Hi Summers,
    Yes, I rotated the brushes to fit the model image. Think it’s better for me to amend the writings now. Thanks for reminding! πŸ˜‰


  166. Summers says:

    It seems you rotated the brushes cause I downloaded the brushes and none go from side to side. Any thoughts??
    BTW great job anyway

  167. Twoday says:

    i am a pretty new to cs2 How do you add the smoke in 4c nand 4d. thx

  168. Johnson says:

    Hi Miko and Los,

    I’ve just replaced Step 4e with a simple flash animation.

    Hope it helps!

  169. Miko says:

    I’m a total noob in photoshop so please ton start throwing tomatoes :P. Im lost at step 4e “Ctrl+left click on the smoke layer to load selection on its luminosity.” this doesnt work for me i set the blend to luminosity so i don’t know if it is correct. Then the next thing is that i have to “apply a layer mask on it with the selection” and no matter what I tried i cant make it happen πŸ™ I hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance.

  170. wow.looking great effect.keep up the good work in here


  171. Rob del Ar says:

    Great stuff….loving this site!!

  172. Los says:

    Same for me on 4e. When I ctrl+left click it deselects the layer and won’t allow me to add a layer mask, if I select the wavy layer it will let me layer mask but it doesn’t look the same as above and if I delet the smoke layer, the smoke disappears. Any help is appreciated, looks great so far. Thanks!

  173. Johnson says:

    Thanks Tadd once again πŸ˜€

    Hi DJkay,
    I’ll see if I can do up a short animation on that part.


  174. DJkay says:

    Hey.. nicely done… only thing from Step 4e, u lost me completely ..

  175. Tadd says:

    I believe the Wave filter is a standard CS filter. It’s a subfilter of Distort I think. At least I think it was in PS8 (CS)

  176. Glenn DEpra says:

    Nice tut!

  177. Johnson says:

    Hi a1984niceguy,

    Thanks for highlighting the problems. I should have mention deleting the painted layers once the layer masks are created.

    As for the Clouds filter, it’s applied after setting the foreground to #000000 and background to #FFFFFF so they will appear more visible.

    I’m using CS3 for this tutorial. Not too sure if Wave filter is included in CS2. I’ve done the amendments to the writings above.

    Thanks once again!

  178. a1984niceguy says:

    im curious , i tried step to step and it doesnt really work
    i think theres a few steps tween other steps that are missing , i.e do we disable or delete the painted layers from which we make the respective layermasks

    secondly i got cs2 and i dont have the wave option , what version is this for of photoshop

    and the filter>render>clouds isnt that great it makes a pattern yes but with the preset colors used in this tutorial and they’re hardly visible even set to color dodge , and placed or left above the original gradient layer

    it just doesnt seem right somehow, especially with the 2nd painted layer to cover over the face
    the overlay isnt right and doesnt blend…

    and i swear that i followed everystep to the T

  179. Johnson says:

    Thanks Tadd for the positive comments πŸ˜‰

  180. Tadd says:

    I like this tutorial. At first I was reading through and wasn’t sure where you where going by stretching the head – but the end result is pretty snazzy. Not sure I’m all for the glow, but hey .. to each his/her own, eh?

    Well done.

  181. monsterTruck says:

    holy mama… this is looking real!!!!!

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