Creating your own Fairytale Scene



We will be using 3 images here. Lady in white dress, snowy mountains and clouds.

You need to install these brushes: Falln_BrushesFeathersSet1 (download)
FallnBrushesAngelWings (download)

All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.


Step 1 – Setting Up Environment:

Create a new document of 750×550 pixels.

Open up the snowy mountains and remove the sky along the rocky edges with a Soft Brush tool (size around 20pts).


Step 2 – Adding Clouds:

Insert the image of clouds below the layer of mountains.

Go to Edit > Free Transform and scale the clouds proportionally till it fits the document nicely.


Step 3 – Adjusting Levels:

Create a new Levels Adjustment Layer.

Insert the values: 7,1.38,255. This will brighten the environment and more details are shown.


Step 4 – Placing the Subject:

Crop the lady out using Pen tool. Place her at the position shown in the diagram.

Use the Soft Brush tool with color #000000, paint some shadow around bottom of the dress.

I will provide more methods to extract a subject away from its background in my next post.


Step 5 – Adding the Wings:

Load Brushes > FallnBrushesAngelWings and select FallnBrushesAngelWings12 with 400pts.

Create a new layer and name it as wings. Choose #FFFFFF as your foreground color and paint in the angel wings.

Go to Edit > Free Transform to distort the left side of the wings upwards slightly.


Step 6 – Enhancing the Details:

As the wings seem to be transparent, I duplicated another layer of wings and set its mode to Hard Light.

Use the Soft Brush tool with color #000000 and opacity 50%, paint some shadow around the sides of lady’s arms.


Step 7 – Rays of Light:

Create a new layer and call it as light rays. Select Soft Brush tool with size 100pt and color #FFFFFF. Set its opacity to 40% and start drawing vertical lines across the layer.

Edit > Free Transform to distort the rays in a way that the light source comes from the top-left.


Step 8 – Adding the Feathers:

Load Brushes > Falln_BrushesFeathersSet1 and select Falln-BrushesFeather4.

With several different sizes, paint some feathers around the document. Right-click on the feathers layer and select Blending Options. Check on Outer Glow and set Blend Mode: Linear Dodge (Add), Opacity: 100%, Color: #FFFFFF, Size: 10px.


Step 9 – Magical Dust:

Select the Soft Brush tool with size 3pt and color #FFFFFF. Go to Brush Properties and check on Scattering. Set Scatter to 1000%.

Create a new layer and call it as glowing dust. Start drawing several lines of scattered dots around the lady subject. Right-click the layer and select Blending Options. Check on Outer Glow and set Blend Mode: Linear Dodge (Add), Opacity: 100%, Color: #FFFFFF, Size: 10px.


Step 10 – Adjusting the Colors:

Create a new Hue/Saturation adjustment layer at the topmost. Set Hue:-17, Saturation: -38, Lightness: 0.

On top of Hue/Saturation, create another Curves adjustment layer. Select the Blue channel and pull the center of the curve upwards. This is to add a blue tone effect seen in most fantasy scenes.

That’s all! Click here to view the final image.

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  1. The reason I want to learn this correctly is that my sister gave birth to her newborn baby at 8 1/2 months and she was stillborn.

  2. death says:

    yes please can we get the stock images of this?

  3. Elvin says:

    Where can i download the stock images??? only the brushes are available… thanks!.. i want to try it but i cannot find where’s the stock images…

  4. Sarah says:

    I am so thankful to have stumbled upon this tutorial, 100% by accident; don’t even know how exactly.

    Yesterday when I found this specific tutorial I was very interested in learning how to add the sun rays and Magical Dust and I was actually able to do it through CS4, but for some reason today on an actual photo I wanted to add this too (last nights was just practice) I wasn’t able to do anything right which is so frustrating for me.

    I have a CS4 Manaul Book for a lot of creations I work on but still am a newbie to Photoshop. I don’t understand what exactly a ‘soft’ brush is defined as. And today when picking a brush (just any since I couldn’t remember what I played with yesterday) it didn’t automatically give me a color choice, but thankfully it was still on white. It also doesn’t show me where to pick my 100pt size, but it does show the slide with a ‘px Master Diameter’.

    I did what I could even though it didn’t all match and went forward to the magic dust. Again I couldn’t find anything that read ‘Brush Properties’ but found what I thing was it because it had boxes to check, one of which being ‘scatter’, but then it there was nothing that read a percentage amount for me to set at 1000%.

    I am still determined to figure this out because I did it just yesterday and it was great; loved the outcome but that was all on a practice portrait of something silly, not something I actually want to apply the sunrays and magic dust too. Can anybody help me understand what I’m doing wrong?? The reason I want to learn this correctly is that my sister gave birth to her newborn baby at 8 1/2 months and she was stillborn. She has one of two photos of her holding her daughter and I want to make something special with the photo by adding the sunrays on her baby with the ‘fairy/magic’ dust directly shining on her lost little girl and then of course I plan on adding a special poem to the final portrait. Please get in touch with me on what exactly I’m doing wrong…I just don’t understand especially since last night I did it so nicely (not perfect, but right) and now today I can’t do any of it. And, no, I didn’t save the photo from the ‘practice’ image I worked on yesterday….

    Bummed and confused, yet determined!!!

    And thank you for posting this awe inspiring tutorials. If I did it right yesterday I can do it right again as well as learn from your other tutorials. LOVE IT!! Just don’t know how I ‘lost’ it…. 🙁

    Thank you kindly,

    Best Regards,


  5. dita says:

    cool effect….!!!

  6. lamiai says:

    wow thats amazing

  7. A tutorial well worth a fairy tale scene. Like the beuty and creativity

  8. ndaroe says:

    Funcking Awesome !!!!

  9. fayuk says:

    thank you very much koyimde geri geri kaç 😀

  10. Johnson says:

    Thanks for all comments! I will pay more attention to the details next time 🙂

  11. Claudette says:

    Beautiful tutorial! I HAVE to go try it!
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  12. Adrian K says:

    Shadows and highlights are completely off. The lighting of the background is completely different from the lighting placed on the model.

    Very easily detectable as photoshopped.

  13. monsterTruck says:


  14. Alan says:

    omg, the first virgin tutorial of Keep it up, evo!

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