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Download Render Pack 4 here.
Download Life Brushes here.
Download Darius Brushes here.
Download Vector Linedots here.
Download 10 Scan Lines here.
Download Krakograff Textures here.

All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.


Step 1 – Setting Up Background:

Create a document of size 750×550 pixels.

Choose a Krako’s Texture 6 and resize it to fit into the working area.


Step 2a – Adding Base Colors:

Create a new layer and name it as Base Color 1.

Set your foreground color to #8A0504. Using a Soft Brush tool with size 400, paint a huge dot on the right of the document.

Set the Blend Mode of this layer to Overlay.


Step 2b – Adding Base Colors:

Create another layer and name it as Base Color 2.

Set your foreground color to #F38F00 and repeat what you have done in Step 2a.

Set the Blend Mode of this layer to Overlay.


Step 3a – Adding 3D Render:

Open up omjpack4r2.png of the Render Pack downloaded earlier.

Drag the shape into the document and position it the way seen in the diagram.

Set the Blend Mode of this layer to Soft Light.


Step 3b – Adding 3D Render:

Drag the same shape into the document again.

Reduce the size and move it to the bottom right so it looks like those ‘blades’ are emerging from there.


Step 4a – Abstract Details:

Load the 2 brushes, Darius and Life.

Create a new layer below the 3D render and name it as Black Shapes.

Set the foreground color to #000000. Select any the brushes in these 2 sets and paint them in any place you want it. Set the Blend Mode of this layer to Overlay once you are done.


Step 4b – Abstract Details:

Create a new layer above Black Shapes and call it as White Shapes.

Set the foreground color to #FFFFFF and repeat Step 4a with other brushes. Set the Blend Mode of this layer to Soft Light once you are done.


Step 4c – Abstract Details:

Load Vector Linedots brush.

Create a new layer above Black and White Shapes layer. Repeat similar methods done in Step 4a and 4b.


Step 4d – Abstract Details:

Load 10 Scan Lines brush.

Create a new layer below the lines and dots. Select Scaners7 and paint it with #FFFFFF.


Step 5 – Adding Bitmap Texts:

Type in some texts with small sizes, around 6-8 points to complete the design. They can be of any colors as long as it fits the overall scheme.



There you have it!

As I prefer the whole thing to be lighter and of less contrast, I created a Levels Adjustment Layer above everything with values, 3, 1.56, 255 to brighten the art a little.

Click here to view the final image.


My Deviation:

With the same methods, I decide to try out another design with selections of much lighter colors.

The basic techniques used are exactly the same as those mentioned above.

Hope you will find this tutorial useful.

Click here to view at DeviantArt.

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  1. Online Spil says:

    Wow! This is amazing, thank you very much!

  2. E-RO says:

    woho its simple another have???..

  3. Gratisspil says:

    Wow, crazy, I’ve already used this in what we in Denmark call a gratisspil, which is an online flash game.
    Nice job.

  4. i think that we need for a 3D software to create the graphic right?

  5. Johnson Koh says:

    @sal: Thanks for your compliment. We just need more experiments to improve ourselves. Hope to see you often here!

  6. sal says:

    i like ur work, really nice
    hope 2 be as creative as u

  7. Gratisspil says:

    Wow, the last one looks amazing. 🙂 If only I could do such work myself. I will try your guide later today.

  8. huh, really good render use 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂

  9. tomatello says:

    Thats what Im talking about!! great tut :)!!

  10. Gratis spil says:

    That tutorial is so cool, I will use it sometime 😉

  11. Johnson says:

    Thanks guys. Your encouragements mean so much to me 😀

  12. ghawyy says:

    great and nice tut i really like it so much
    and u have great web site to visit more and more
    thank you so much 🙂 for that great tut 🙂

  13. Wow, this just made my jaw drop on the floor. I also linked it on my blog. Simply stunning!

  14. Edward says:

    I like the background, I think the 3d render could use more editing though. Is it possible to expand on this tutorial to show us how you made the deviation example?



  15. abhisek says:


  16. Johnson says:

    Thanks mates 😀 Glad you guys like it.

  17. Another great tutorial,
    Clear and Simple!

  18. Nic says:

    What the…this is sooo cool!

  19. Johnson says:

    Thanks Syaz! 😉

  20. Syaz says:

    Awesommmmmmmme :O Im so gonna use this 😛

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