Digital Painting a High Tech Deer Scene

Create a document of size 900 by 675 pixels. Sketch out your ideas for the final painting. This sketch is extremely abstract but it gives the vision needed to start the final. The sketch was created in a program called Alchemy.
Import your sketch into Photoshop. Next, paint out a rough silhouette of a deer. The deer is painted with a hard round brush. If you are not confident of your drawing skills then you can always take a photograph and paint a silhouette along its outline.
Download the Greased Lightnin’ from Extract the various parts of the gears and placed them with the deer’s silhouette. Download Pipe Fittings Brushes from BrushesDownload. Paint a few pipes around the same area.
Download Gears from Extract and place the gears around the pipe fittings. You may use Brush tool with #FFFFFF and 50% opacity to draft out the features of the deer along the way.
Paint on some tech-like designs or use custom brushes. There are some really cool brushes from PaulW on DeviantArt.
Create a new layer and set its Blend Mode to Color Burn. Start painting some colors to the gears and pipe fittings.
Let’s hide the deer and its color layers for now and work on the background. Set your foreground color to #E9DE69. Set the Brush Opacity to 40%. Create a new layer and paint a few patches shown in the example below.
Create a new layer paint in some shadows with foreground #000000 and opacity 40%.

Download Cloud Brushes from Brusheezy. Create a new layer and paint in some clouds. I always like to change up cloud brushes by erasing portions and painting my own bits.

Next, start to paint in the mountains. The Thick Heavy Brushes category was used.
This is the turning point of the image. Unhide the deer and its color layers. Paint the photographs so that they blend together. Always remember to keep the light source continuous throughout the whole painting. Download Erniesthings Brushset 4 by ephat. Paint some structures with the brushes to the background. Download the Debris Brush from Qbrushes. Add flying debris around the deer.
Download Arteries of the Aeroplane from Extract out the pipes and place them on top of the ears.

Add light coming from the antlers. Also, add the same light reflective color on to the metal.

Lastly, create a new layer and set it to multiply. Select black and paint the left side of the image with a shadow. Set the layer’s opacity to 40%. Also, add more details to the foliage in the background and foreground. The canvas was stretched just a tad as well. Add a border with some finishing highlights and you’re done.
Here is the final work. I hope you enjoyed reading this tutorial! Thanks.

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  1. Good Job on the articles you have here, thank you for putting your time into it!

  2. Jonny says:

    It is cooool, thanks for your guide.

  3. Nice post! Really Love it! thank you very much!

  4. AWD says:

    Very good! This steam punk grafic is amazing

  5. Thanks everyone 🙂

    Songs, when you turn it to color mode make sure your picture is desaturated. Maybe lowering the opacity of your brush will give you a better effect

  6. Songs says:

    Hi, that’s really nice to have made a tutorial, but I’m blocked at the coloring part… it just give me a weird thing, i can’t get the same effect than you ): can you detail it if possible, please ?

    ps : sorry my english isn’t very good …

  7. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks Justice for bringing us this great work 😉 I’m glad you guys like this tut as much as I do. Cheers.

  8. 5erg says:

    interesting! the result is really awesome. but i think i said it already at deviantart:P

  9. UrbanCowboy says:

    Yeah that is remarkable! Keep up the good work!

  10. TheHermit says:

    I’m always impressed by how much effort goes into every one of your arts, but heck it certainly pays off, eh?

  11. aki-o says:


  12. Duchessess says:

    this is wonderfully methodical, and it really is beautiful
    honestly, i dont really get the sketch looks like an insect D; i dont get how that turns into the next one

  13. zoe2001135 says:

    so awesome! If I had photoshop I’d do it XD

  14. Kara F. says:

    I love this 🙂
    Very futuristic

  15. Bariski says:

    Ahh nice try bro, I like your attitude. Keep up.

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