Draw a Speaker Icon in Photoshop Part 2

This tutorial is contributed by Sohan Negi and will show you in every details on how we can create a set of speakers icon from scratch in Photoshop. As this is the longest tutorial ever, it was split into Part 1 and Part 2.

Preview of Final Image

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Let us move on to the side speakers. Create a new document that is 800 px wide and 800 px high at a resolution of 72 pixels/inch.

Take the Rectangle tool and draw a Rectangle of size 5 in by 5 in. With Pen Tool (P), draw the shape below.

Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise so we can get a rough texture on this layer.

On a new layer, draw a new shape similar to that we just designed but with smaller size. Get this shape filled with color #ECECEC.

Add Layer Style > Inner Shadow and apply the settings shown below.

While designing the middle part of our speaker, we will get a nice effect at its center. In the next step we will design speaker’s grill pattern on the face of our speakers. Behind this grill pattern we need a circular shade. For this shade draw an Ellipse shape of size 4.2 in by 4.2 in of color #5D5D5D.

To apply shiny effect to this circle, select Dodge Tool (O) and set Range to Highlights and Exposure to 3%. Use Dodge tool on the top left half quarter, on bottom right quarter.

At the center of this circle, we will add the smallest sphere that we created earlier. Copy your smallest shiny sphere and paste it at the center.

To make your task easier, below is the pattern image I created. We will define this image as a new pattern. Open this image in your Photoshop, go to Edit menu > Define Pattern. Name it Grill Pattern.

Select + CTRL your second layer from the Speaker’s upper part and create new layer and fill it with color #5D5D5D.

Keep the selection and fill this selection with Grill Pattern. Right-click on this selection and select Fill > Use Pattern. Hit OK when you are done.

Our goal here is to make this layer transparent such that dots allow us to view the layer underneath. For this, first add layer mask to this layer. Then select the Magic Wand tool, right-click on this pattern and select Color Range. Pick the inside color of any dot and you will get a selection like what I got below.

Select the layer mask of this layer and fill this selection with color #FFFFFF (white color). Deselect it and you get a speaker dot texture. The dots’ boundaries are visible as well as the back circular layer in this case.

We will create the stand for our speakers. Select rectangle tool and get a rectangle with given dimensions and finally rasterize it.

Add the following Layer Styles.

Gradient Settings: #303030 at 0%, #4A4A4A at 25%, #5f5f5f at 33%, #4a4a4a at 45%, #303030 at 100%. Create base part of this stand. Select Rounded rectangle tool with radius 5 pi draw the speaker base.

Applying the following Layer Styles.

So we are done with all the parts of our speaker, and combining all of them will gives us this.

We are done with both the woofer and speakers. Now assemble them together.

Copy this layer, press CTRL + T (Windows) or CMD + T (Mac) and flip this layer vertically.

Add layer mask to this layer now press Select + CTRL on the layer. Select the layer mask of and drag this gradient style on the vertically flipped layer: Gradient Settings: #E4E4E4 at 0%, #191919 at 100%.

Finally we have successfully designed our own Speakers and Woofer set. So just turn your speakers on and play your favorite music. Hope you like this tutorial. Thanks!

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  1. m says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks so much

  2. Rakesh says:

    I must say this is a very simple and thoroughly explained tutorial. It really helped me a lot.
    Thanks Sohan

  3. It look likes a Illustration buddy. Very nice work in there Sohan. Keep them coming.

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