Fun photoshop tutorials for beginners: cartoonize a picture in photoshop!

In this tutorial I will show you how to cartoonize a picture. Specifically, I will show you how to turn a pear into a cartoon looking pop singer. This technique can be used on any photos. In fact, once you have done it, you can simply take the mouth layer and cartonnize the picture of yourself or your friends on Facebook.

Note: for other fun photoshop tutorials for beginners, check out the link.

Step 1: First I went to download a picture of a close up shot of someone’s mouth and I use the lasso tool (L) in Photoshop to make the selection that I want to use.

Step 2: Then I copy and paste it into another pear image which look like this

Step 3: After that I flip it horizontally and reduce the size of the mouth a bit to better suit it onto the pear. Using the same method I bring in a pair of sun glass and put it on top of the mouth.

Step 4: Right now I am ready to apply the shadow and highlight to the image. This will make the whole thing blend together realistically. It is done by duplicate the sun glass layer and apply a drop shadow effect to the bottom sun glass layer.


Step 5: Then I will create an empty layer below the layer with drop shadow and press shift to select both layers. Then I press Ctrl+E to merge these 2 layers together. This will allow me to adjust the shadows of the sun glass manually. Then I tried to use the brush tool to darken the lower parts of the shadow as shown. This will give you the effect that it is sitting right on top of the pear.

Step 6: After that I will proceed on to deal with the mouth. I select the inside of the mouth with lasso tool again and press Ctrl+Shift+I to invert the selection. This will allow me to Adjust the hues of the lips.

Step 7: Then I press Ctrl+U to bring up the hues and saturation window. I only adjust the hues value until it match the greenish color of the pear. And this is the result.

Step 8: Then I processed the mouth with the same method used to applying shadow to the sunglasses. And there we go.

Step 9: The last few steps is to beautify the environments to make it look like he is on a stage. First I add a new layer behind the pear and painted an oval shape using hard edged brush. Then I gave it a gradient overlay using the colour black and red.

Step 10: Then I draw another oval shape with a soft edged brush and this will be the spot light. The last step is a nice background with black and red gradient to bring out even more contrast. That is all and hope you have enjoyed this fun photoshop tutorial for beginners.


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  1. ululf01 says:

    wow fruit mouthed, nice 🙂

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