Funny photoshop: how to photoshop a face into a banana picture

Have you ever wondered if you can photoshop a person face into a picture without too much photoshop knowledge? In this funny photoshop tutorial for beginner,  you will learn how to create banana sculptures with the help of Photoshop!

banan final

First, create a new document of 1200 X 1600 pixels.

Then, open the image of the banana here:

Right click on the image and select Copy Image. In Photoshop, press Ctrl + N. Click OK. Then, press Ctrl + V to paste the copied image.

With the Magic Wand Tool (W), select the white background and the gaps, then click on Select > Inverse. With the banana now selected, drag it into the new document.

Hmmm now, what sculpture should we make?

I always thought that the top part of the banana looked like Marge Simpson’s hair.  Should we create a sculpture of her?


Step 1: Photoshop eyes into a picture

On the banana image layer, with the Elliptical Marquee Tool, create an oval shape over the top body of the banana.

banana 1

After that, select the Clone Stamp tool (S). While pressing the Alt key, click on the lighter areas of the banana flesh. Then, let go of the Alt key and start to use your mouse to brush the top parts of the area within the selected oval. Then, again, pressing the Alt key, click on the darker areas of the flesh. Then, let go of the Alt Key and brush the bottom part of the oval to make the eye look like it is bulging out.

The eye should now look like it is protruding from the flesh, something like this:

banana 2

Now, with the eye still being selected, press Ctrl-X to cut the eye from the banana image.

banana 3

Create a new layer in the Layer window. On the new layer, press Ctrl+V to paste the eye on that new layer.

Selecting this same layer, duplicate this layer and move the duplicated eye to the right to form the other eye. Using the Transform tool (Ctrl+T), enlarge this duplicated eye to make it look like the right eye is closer to us.

banana 4

Now, we are going to make the eyes look more real. We are going to make shadows for them and give them a more 3D effect.

Select the two layers containing the right and left eyes together, right click and select Merge layers. Double click on the merged layer and a pop-up window will appear.

Tick Drop Shadow and adjust to the following:

banana 5

Then, tick Bevel and Emboss and adjust to the following:

banana 6

Your banana’s eyes will now look like this:

banana 7


[If the eyes still look unnatural, click on the Clone Stamp Tool again. Set the opacity on the top tool bar to 50% or lower.

After cloning the texture (Alt + Click), use a soft brush to apply a transition between the flat flesh and the protruding eyes.]

It’s time to create the pupils for the eyes. Again, using the Elliptical Marquee tool, create two ovals. With the Clone Stamp tool, clone the darker flesh areas onto the selected ovals.

After that, to make the pupils look like they are caved in (as if you stuck your pinky in it), we will apply some effects again. Double click on the layer containing the pupils, and when the pop-up window appears,

Tick Inner Shadow and adjust to the following:

banana 8


Tick Outer Glow and adjust to the following:

banana 9

The eyes will now look something like this:

banana 10


Step 2: Photoshop nose into a picture

Now, for the nose, use the Pen Tool (P) to draw the nose and then right click > Make Selection. Again, with the Clone Stamp tool, apply the light and dark areas to make the nose look 3D. The top area should be cloned with the lighter flesh while the bottom area should be cloned with the darker flesh.

You can also use the Free Transform Tool to warp the nose to make the nose bigger at the end.

banana 12

Your banana will now look like this.

banana 13


Step 3: Photoshop mouth into a picture

For the mouth, do the same thing. With the pen tool, draw the mouth and use the Clone Stamp Tool to apply light and dark flesh. To make the shadows more distinct, you can select the area below with the Pen Tool to apply the darker flesh clone with the Clone stamp tool.

banana 14

Not forgetting the ears, let’s start with an ellipse again, and do the same thing.

banana 15

Don’t forget to apply the shadows with the darker flesh clone behind the edge of the ear, so that the ear will look like it is protruding!

banana 16


Step 4: Photoshop hair into a picture

Finally, Marge’s awesome hair! With the pen tool, draw over the top edge of the banana and the shape of the hair like this:

banana 17

Again, with the Clone Stamp tool, clone the dark flesh and apply it to the bottom edge of the hair, to make the hair pop out.

banana 18


Next, to make the hair look curly, we need some balls.

With the clone stamp tool, sample any area on the banana’s flesh, and apply by clicking once on the bottom of the hair. When you have formed a ball, Alt + click on the ball you have formed, and apply it elsewhere, beside, on top, below, left or right. Continuously clone the previous ball you applied and apply it elsewhere until you have formed an army of little balls, like this:


banana 19

Now, you’re done!
Once you have mastered this, there are no limits to what you can create!

banan final 2



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    Cool, I will try to do the steps you’ve listed here on a banana and on a carrot.

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