How to make smoke in photoshop in 5 simple steps

In this simple photoshop tutorials for beginners, I am going to show you a 5 step process on how to make smoke effect with Photoshop. The technique is simple but it is an easy and fast trick to making the smoke effect looks outstanding. So, have fun creating smoke effects with your photos or images using this simple photoshop tutorial.

First, get a a random photo. I found mine in google image.

The next step is to transferred the image into photshop. Before you do that, you need to create a new drawing to serve as background to the image. Pour any colour you want, as long as it can fill in the the blank canvas.

Once the new drawing is created, crop the picture you want to use for the smoke effect. Maku sure that you leave a white border around the image. That is the part that will create the smoke effect.

NowPaste in your coloured canvas.

Then use the Smudge tool to smudge the white parts. This simple smuding is what is creating the smoke effects

Once you are happy with your smugde drawing, you may enchance it with the “Vivid light” Layer. So it will ended up like this:

Hope you enjoy this simple photoshop tutorials for beginners!

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  1. Anik says:

    Hei I’m very new on photoshop. Please tell me the step of how to transferred the image into photshop?

  2. Gurinder Singh Chawla says:

    Great! nice & Fast trick.Many many Thanks.

  3. sunil sharma says:

    thanks for nice Upload

  4. Joe says:

    how do i apply the vivid light layer?

  5. Jasmine says:

    Although it doesn’t quite look like smoke, but still a great tutorial. Simple and easy to follow.

  6. Mary says:

    that doesn’t look like real!!
    thx anyway

  7. sarcome says:

    lol, this does not look like smoke at all!

  8. keanon says:

    your tuts is simple and easy to learn.
    thanks for sharing.

  9. Alam says:

    It is the awesome and new thikup on me!

  10. KBharath @ DesignrDealz says:

    Thank you for sharing these steps as i am learning Photoshop its very useful.

  11. rubel says:

    The technique is simple but it is an easy and fast trick to making the smoke effect looks outstanding.

  12. Tenese Sarwieh says:

    Simple, but yet effective!!!

    Thanks for the upload.

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