Make a card in photoshop

Using photoshop to make a card can be lots of fun. It also allows you to create something truly unique for your friends and loved one. Here is a tutorial of drawing and designing a Valentine ’s Day greeting card. It shows my actual drawing and designing process. First I roughly have an idea of how this design is going to look like and then I do a rough sketch in photoshop. Please see the picture below.

Once the shapes and lines are more or less confirmed, I will then darken the lines to make it look more obvious.

After making some minor changes to the rough sketch, I will then choose the actual line colour of the character and draw out the finalized outline. At this stage I will have to make sure the lines are very smooth so that I don’t have to worry about the line quality so much during my colouring process.

At this stage, I will fill in the basic colours for qoobee and the heart. I will do the coloring on a separate layer first, and once I am happy with the result, I will merge the line layer and the colour layer together. This is to keep my working file small and neat. This is a small trick I used when making cards in photoshop.

It is time to get the highlight done for the character and the heart that he is resting on. Just choose a lighter colour of the same hue and paint it in according to the contour of the character and objects. This will make the picture look more 3D and make your card more lively.

Then I just enlarge the canvas to 1280×1024 ( PC wallpaper size ). And give it a lovely background pattern that I downloaded from the internet. But overall I find the colour look too pinkish and the big letter “V” is too plain.

So here I changed the colour of the heart to blue and added some hearts pattern to the letter “V” to make it look more exciting.

Then finally, I use the letter tool to type out the word “happy alentines” and make use of the big “V” to replace the missing letter in the word. This completes the beginner photoshop tutorial on how to make a card in photoshop.

If you like to see more card designs, check out  our business card designs and our unique card designs.

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  1. Jashim says:

    Very useful tips. Im really tanks to you for giving this kind of project.

  2. KBharath @ DesignrDealz says:

    Thanks for sharing this awesome tutorial.

  3. entireinfo says:

    thanxx for this infomation , its very useful for me .

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