Make smurf wallpaper with photoshop montage

This beginner photoshop tutorial is inspired by the movie Smurf. If you have not watched it, go and see it! They are so incredibly cute and the movie is just so funny and adorable. So, if you like to make a cute smurf wallpaper or poster, this photoshop tutorial is for you.

1.       In this tutorial we are going to learn how to do some photoshop montage with Brainy smurf in the latest 3D Smurf movie.  I roughly have an idea of what to do and I found these 2 pictures from the internet.

2.       I then create a 1500px wide and 1300px tall canvas with 350dpi in photoshop and give it a black color background.  With the Lasso tool, short cut (L), I trace out a rough shape around the original 3d Smurf character and copy and paste it inside the black canvas as a new later.

3.       I use the magic Wand Tool, short cut (w), with the tolerance set to 15, to define the outline of the 3d Smurf character. Then I use the Refine Edge function which is found on top bar to further refine the selection so that it will give me a very clean cut out of the 3d Smurf Character.  The setting I use are Radius: 1.5px, Contrast: 55%, Smooth: 3, Feather: 0.5px and Contrast and Expand: +100%. You can experiment more to find out the setting that gives the best result.

4.       I will erase the leg part with a soft edge eraser and this will get the 3d Smurf character ready for the magic effect.

5.       Now I open up the Aladdin Lamp and repeat the above process to cut it out and ready for adding magic effects.

6.       Now we need to adjust the levels of the lamp to bring up the contrast. The short cut is (Control + L). The setting I use are, 0, 0.41, 203.

7.       After that I go to layer>Duplicate Layer to make a copy of the lamp layer. And I use image>adjustments>brightness and contrast to bring down its tonal value and make it very dark. Then I press the Add Layer Mask button to give it a mask.

8.       By painting black color with a soft edge brush on the white mask, I will be able to reveal the other brighter lamp hidden below this layer. That will make up the highlight of the lamp.

9.       Create a new layer and paint the following shape with a soft edge brush.

10.   And give it a gradient overlay with the following setting

11.   This is something you will get.

12.   Then I turn off the layer and create a new layer on top and paint something like this. And set the layer filter to “Overlay”.

13.   When I turn on the layer below, this is something you will get.

14.   Create a new layer below the lamp layer and set its filter to “HardMix”. Paint an oval yellow sphere with a very soft air brush. This will become the glow effect from the 3d Smurf character’s magic finger.

15.   Finally, we just give a gradient to the background and paint some shadow below the Aladdin lamp. And we are done with the photoshop magic montage tutorial with 3d Smurf character.

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  1. ahmed says:

    i want soft edge bursh

  2. Swamykant says:

    Very easy to follow tutorial. Thanks for share.

  3. RASEL says:

    it is really cool to see a flying heart coming towards you.

  4. bdnewspoint says:

    It is very nice technique .I will try to create .

  5. New Web Templates says:

    Impressive tutorial, very creative technique to manipulate 2 images into one inspiring artwork. Great to have this tutorial. Thanks

  6. zahirit says:

    It’s really eye catching, Wonder full magicked Photoshop.

  7. it girl says:

    funny tuto 🙂 ! i don’t know if i’ll use it for myself but the idea’s there !

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