Making of a Mythical Encounter



Found an excellent Photoshop Action, created by Night Fate. I will make a simple photo-manipulated mythical scene here, and apply the action at the end to enhance the entire feel.

Download Night Fate’s PS Action here.
Download all the stocks here.

All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.


Step 1 – Forming the Cliffs:

Create a new document with size 750×550 pixels.

Open up the cliff stock you downloaded. Extract and position the two sides like the ones shown in the diagram. Using the Eraser tool, fade off slightly at the bottom for both cliffs.

For types of extraction methods, check out my other post here.


Step 2a – Forming the Statues:

Open up the statue stock.

Resize and position it on the left side behind the cliff. Duplicate the statue layer and go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. Shift the duplicated statue to the right side.

Using the Eraser tool, fade off slightly on the legs of both statues.


Step 2b – Forming the Statues:

Open up the cliff stock again.

Extract the portion of rocks shown in the diagram and place it below the statue, covering its legs.

Using the Eraser tool, fade off slightly at the base of the rocks.


Step 2c – Forming the Statues:

Repeat Step 2b to the statue on the right.

Use the portion of rocks shown in the diagram.


Step 3 – Adding a Waterfall:

Open up the waterfall stock, resize and place it behind all other objects.

Remove its white sky using the Eraser tool.


Step 4 – Adjusting the Colors:.

Create a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer above the waterfall layer. Set the Hue to 49, Saturation to 36 and Lightness to 0.

Follow by a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment layer and set the Brightness to 36 and Contrast to 10.

Lastly, a Levels Adjustment layer and set the values to be 20,1,255.


Step 5 – Adding Shadows:

Using the Burn Tool, paint some shadows at the sides of the statues and rocks below their legs.

Paint only at the side closer to the cliff covering them.


Step 6a – Adding Fog:

Create a new layer above the waterfall and adjustment layers. Name this new layer as Fog.

Using the Lasso Tool, draw an irregular selection around the center of the document. Go to Select > Modify > Feather. Set the Radius to 20 and hit OK.

Set the foreground color to #FFFFFF and background to #000000. Go to Filter > Render > Clouds.


Step 6b – Adding Fog:

Set the Blend Mode of Fog layer to Screen.

Duplicate the Fog layer and rename it as Mild Fog. Rearrange the Mild Fog layer to be in between the statues and cliffs layers.

Set the Blend Mode of Mild Fog layer to Linear Dodge (Add) and Opacity to 30%.


Step 7 – Adding Sky:

Open up the sky stock, resize and place it below all other layers.

I have also included two adventurers rowing their boats at the document center towards the waterfall.

And now we are ready to enhance the mood of this work using Night Fate’s PS Action 32.


Step 8 – Applying PS Action

Go to Windows > Actions. Click on the arrow at the right side of the Actions panel. Select Load Actions and open up the PS Action you have downloaded. You will see Set 32 by night-fate appearing in the panel. Expand the folder and select 1. Click on Play Selection button at the bottom of the panel and you are done!

Click here to view the final image.

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  1. Joe says:

    I can’t download the actions!
    Does anybody have them?

  2. This was a very informative article, i found it very intresting and relative! Thank you!

  3. nice tutorial… .bro… and nice outcome…

  4. Indrek says:

    Very good tutorial. So short yet so informative

  5. rammao says:

    how old are you brother two good very very very good

  6. APOLLUX1085 says:

    que buenos consejos dan en este trabajo de herramientas y capas,
    gracias por todo, buena parceros

  7. Johnson Koh says:

    Absolutely! 😀

  8. A great photo retouching tutorial. These actions that are available can really speed your workflow and if you find the right ones can have a stunning result.

  9. mixo says:

    good job

  10. sadhu says:

    tadd is good observer…. i agree with him… but overall looks good indeed…

  11. Johnson says:

    Cha-si-lan’s naruto and Hao-lian’s sasuke… :S

  12. sadhu says:

    i saw your effort!!!
    i recalled the scene where cha-si-lan’s naruto and hao-lian’s sasuke fighting >”<

  13. Johnson says:

    Sure it is Dainis 😉

  14. outcome looks pretty realistic 🙂 Photo manipulation is hard create in good way, but we’ll die trying – don’t we? 🙂

  15. Jansen Joseph says:

    I like the composition very much. Very fantasy-like.

    As mentioned in the previous comments, addition details will make more miracles 🙂

  16. yoshi747 says:

    This is awesome!!!

  17. Eve says:

    Simple and Nice. Thanks.

  18. I like this tutorial!! well done! just 8 steps…

    I agree with Tadd and Edward as well, but keep in mind this is a TUTORIAL, not a final art for an real assignement.

    To me, a good tutorial si based on showing techniques, tips, tricks and resources, and it’s up to the readers to learn and make it better. People look over the internet for “cool ” tutorials just to copy exactly the same, and use it for real life works. I go out to the streets here and I see Abduzeedo and PSD Tuts images all over in billboards and Ad campaigns… the “designers” just copy the tutorials, put their product and logo… and that’s it.. no creativity at all…

    I like this simple tutorials, with a not-so-perfect final image, that let the reader want to make it better, and not to copy.

    Keep up the good work, Johnson!!

  19. Johnson says:

    Welcome back Ronald!

    Thanks Tadd and Edward for the pointers. Photo manipulation is not as easy for me when I tend to overlook some important details.

    Will improve as I get along 😉

  20. Edward says:

    I agree with Tad. Also, the waves from the waterfall on the bottom of the picture seem too big; a different waterfall picture could easily clear that up though.

    Not bad tutorial.

  21. Tadd says:

    Good ideas – but sadly I don’t feel like it’s a ‘convincing’ encounter. If you look where the new cliffs meet the water it’s too .. strange. Doesn’t feel like the rock is meant to be there. The arms of the statues are also way too hard and even reveal artifacts from the original images. Masking the statues and then using a soft brush to clean this up may help make those areas feel part of the deal.

    Could use some shadowing as well.

    HOWEVER – those are constructive criticisms .. I think the project is slick and other than what I mentioned looks good.

  22. Nice outcome=)impressive work=)

    Nice Johnson=)

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