Making of Metallic Transformers Logo



We will use an image of the Transformers logo, Cracks Brushes from Falln Stock and Texture Set from Krakograff.

Click here to download the Cracks Brushes.
Click here to download the Texture Set.

All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.


Step 1 – Setting Up Background:

Create a document of size 750 by 550px.

Fill the Background layer with #000000.

Drag the Transformers logo to the center of the document.


Step 2 – Tracing Work Paths:

Go to View > Rulers or press Ctrl+R. While you are on the logo layer, drag a guide in and snap to center of the image.

Using Pen tool, trace a path for the left half of the logo.

There is no need to path the entire logo since the right half is a mirror of the left.


Step 3a – Forming Logo Shape:

Create a new layer above the Background and name it as logo_left.

Load selection for the path you drawn earlier.

Fill the selection with #FFFFFF.


Step 3b – Forming Logo Shape:

Duplicate the logo_left layer. Name the duplicated layer as logo_right.

Go to Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal. You will get the right half of the logo. Position the two sides close together so you will get the full logo.

Merge both logo_left and logo_right layers. Rename this layer to logo_base.


Step 4a – Applying Texture:

Open up "the_krako_texure_6.jpg" from the Texture Pack downloaded earlier.

Resize the image so it fits nicely on the doucment.


Step 4b – Applying Texture:

Select the texture layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate.

Ctrl+left click on the logo_base layer and apply a Layer Mask on the texture layer. Rename the texture layer to base_texture.

You should be getting what is shown on the diagram.


Step 5a – Forming Inner Bevel:

Ctrl+left click on the logo_base layer to load selection.

Go to Select > Modify > Contract. Key in the value of 5px to contract the selection.


Step 5b – Forming Inner Bevel:

Create a new layer above all the other layers and name it as logo_bevel

Fill the selection with #000000 on the new layer.


Step 6 – Touching Up Edges:

Zoom in and you will notice some of the edges became rounded after the contraction done earlier.

Use Pencil tool to add in the straight edges by holding down Shift key while painting.


Step 7a – Adding Depth:

Drag the same texture in Step 4a into the document. Desaturate it and rename the layer as bevel_texture. Rearrange this layer to the top of Layers panel.

Ctrl+left click on logo_bevel layer to load its selection. Apply a Layer Mask to bevel_texture with this selection.

Select base_texture layer and go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast. Enter -80 for Brightness and 0 for Contrast.


Step 7b – Adding Depth:

You can delete logo_base and logo_bevel layers at this point of time.

Select the base_texture layer and use Burn tool to paint in some shadows. Then use Dodge tool to paint in the highlights.

You may paint the shadows and highlights at spots similar to my diagram.


Step 8 – Gradient Overlay:

Select bevel_texture layer and go to its Blending Options.

Activate Gradient Overlay and set your settings as shown in the diagram.

Colors of gradient are #000000 to #FFFFFF to #000000.


Step 9 – Adding Glowing Lines:

Create a new layer and name it as glowing_lines.

Using Brush tool with color #FFFFFF and size 2px, paint in some lines along the edges.

Soften both ends of the lines you have drawn with Soft Eraser tool.


Step 10a – Adding Cracks:

Create a new layer and name it as cracks. Set the Blend Mode of this layer to Overlay.

Load the Cracks Brushes you have downloaded and paint in some cracks of various shapes on this layer.


Step 10b – Adding Cracks:

Try not to add too much cracks here =)

There you go! You have just done up a metallic Transformers logo on your own!



I have added in some blue clouds and texts to complete the design.

Click here to view the final image.

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  1. Ash says:

    it looks very realistic..
    very nice tutorial..:)

  2. Harry says:

    Wow! I made it!
    But I still don’t know how to make the clouds…Can you tell me?

  3. saintlammy says:

    There is nothing downloadable at the krakografik for the texture, will u pls specify better?….Nice tut though, i love it

  4. alex says:

    how do i download + install the brushes and texture packs im a complete noob at photoshop pls help thanks

    • TamakiSuoh says:

      You can add brushes by copying the brushes and go to the folder where you installed photoshop you’ll see there a folder namer presents double click it once entered you’ll see another folder named brushes double click that and paste your brushes there , thats it ,brushes installed same goes to the textures but only instead of brushes folder paste it in the textures folder ,

      but remember that while installing the textures and brushes you should quit photoshop first than install them ,

      hope this helped ,
      Nice To Meet You ,

  5. Alessandro says:

    I needed a tut for applying texture. Thanks!

  6. Tajul says:

    It’s look perfect which I wanted.

  7. Rory says:

    Love the textures on this transformers tutorial nice work

  8. superb dude…

    carry on

  9. Hector Matias says:

    Hola…!!! Eselente logo espero tenerlo

  10. We are LogoProDesign as a Creative Logo Designer, We checked your artwork collections. Those are amazed us. Thanks for that type of good work collections. We regularly checked your website for good artwork example.

    David Thomas

  11. sms says:

    no words…! just awesome

  12. Great tutorial man! Keep it up!

  13. sam cooper says:

    hi there, great work but my main intrest is how you make up the blue cloud/ mist

  14. Manik says:

    Very nice transformers logo. The metallic effect is just awesome.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  15. Logo Design says:

    Seriously you did a great job, really really nice, Thanks.

  16. badboy says:

    good job …I like this tutorial thnx 🙂

  17. Very awsome stuff, i love the transformer movies and i like you for posting this tutorial ;D

  18. Patagonia says:

    An amazing work

  19. Thank you for manual. it was useful for me.

  20. Aravind says:

    Hi…..Nice work….

  21. CRISTIAN says:


  22. Greg Kissen says:

    Nice work and very good explanations. I will try it when I’ll make my new logo.

  23. Robin says:

    This is really a cool tutorials to design the transformers Logos

  24. I am well impressed with the final result you have managed to achieve here. The added cracks within the logo are awesome. Thank you for sharing a great tutorial.

  25. At what DPI should you build a file like this? I’ve not made many logos in anything other than Illustrator because it is vector…. Just asking so in case I ever need to do something like this I know how large to build the file so it will be big enough.



  26. GeT4 says:

    Nice Tut. I will look if i can do it withe a Logo of me in this art. Thanks

  27. yan says:

    OMG… Your tutorial is awesome. Even a newbie like me can make this logo. Nice explanation there bro. and nice job.

  28. GAz says:

    Nice tutorial.. quick question though.. when i select the pen tool which option do i choose.. shape layers or paths.. cus ive ised the path option and deleted my logo so im left with the trace, but i cant seem to fill in it which white , wondering if you could help me

  29. tommy says:

    another great and very helpful tutorial!
    oh and by the way, for your viewers,
    this tut also works very well with Text.

  30. Very nice! Keep your tutorials going and just bookmarked this page!

    Im from Singapore too!

  31. Tim says:

    Hi Johnson is there any chance you could actually finish the steps in this tutorial. Step 7 obviously introduces a new texture as its appearance is vastly different from the texture you start with, something you fail to mention.

    I have experiements with it but following your steps and experiemented with my own I am unable to replicate the main base texture you have. (I get the correct feel for the texture but just can not get the light balance of it correct, mine is more duller but whenever I try to get the correct balance between levels, brightness and contrast can not get it like you have.)

    Any help would be great

  32. It’s much simpler than it looks – nicely done!

  33. rui says:

    that was perfect! \o/

  34. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Rui, I’m sorry for the confusion. I have amended the instructions for Step 7a. Hope it is clearer this time. Thanks.

  35. rui says:

    just went through the tut again with the transformer logo you used and i still dont get the bevel effect on the picture. the layer masks on step 7a does absolutely nothing. this was pretty frustrating and disappointing.

  36. rui says:

    I followed the guide exactly and i got a very different result. on step 7a my bevel texture layer added nothing to the image, there was absolutely no bevel effect whatsoever.

  37. jose says:

    super! thanks for sharing!

  38. jessa says:

    hey johson! i can’t do the step 2..can you help me please???

  39. Johnson says:

    Indeed. I enjoy visiting Falln’s DA gallery. Can get plenty of resources from there.

  40. Falln-stock has moved a lot of their stuff. I guess no one told them their stock was being used in a tutorial 🙂 Honestly, who would know who Falln was unless they were from dA.

  41. raxir says:

    i can’t access the textures either

  42. Raxir says:

    i am also unable to download the textures for the same error as silk.

  43. sunishka says:

    very nice. keep up the good work!

  44. Silk says:

    No, try again now, it seems i miss wrote my address, thanks man. This last post has my correct address.

  45. Johnson says:

    Hi Silk, I’ve sent the texture to your email this morning. Haven’t you received it?

  46. Silk says:

    Can someone please help me? I tried for 2 days now… and can’t make it work…. same message …

  47. Silk says:

    and… i tried to download it from other pc’s and from other friends and they got the same message…

  48. Silk says:

    I don’t think you understand me…..
    This is what gives me each time…

    This user is out of bandwidth.
    Please email for support or upgrade for more bandwidth

    I try to download it….

    So … how many days must i wait just because one of you won’t upload the texture and send it to me…

  49. Johnson says:

    I’m sorry Silk. That texture is owned by Krakograff so it’s not right for me to distribute it on my end. I’ve just tested his download link and it works fine.

    How about trying again? 😉

  50. Silk says:

    I can’t get the textures from that box hosting,… reuplad please asap.

  51. Bert says:

    Very nice.

    Thanks for tutorial.

  52. onuri says:

    wow, very good.

    but i don’t english very well.
    OTL …

  53. It’s really a shocking fantastic tutorial, I wonder if I can draw a decepticons one…thanks for your sharing! 😀

  54. Johnson says:

    Hey Mario, remember to bring me along when you got into Hollywood 😀

  55. Mario says:

    OHH great one
    so Hollywood will ask me to be a designer next Part Two
    thank alot ….

  56. mikki2 says:

    I haven’t even tried this and I’m in awe!!! RSS time!

  57. Johnson says:

    Thanks tompa 😀
    Just spotted I missed out a “S” behind TRANSFORMER in the final image…

  58. tompa says:

    wooooow it’s awesome man ..

    sites is bookmarking 😀

    keep going

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