Photoshop animal hybrids tutorial

In this animal hybirds photoshop tutorial I am going to demonstrate how to make and design a fantasy animal made up of a squirrel, a parrot and a humming bird. And here is the final result of this tutorial.

First I will go and search for a few pictures that can match the final perspectives of the above final image.

Then I use the squirrel picture and use the lasso tool, short cut is “L”, to select the head of the squirrel and cut the head out by pressing Ctrl+X.

Then I paste it onto the humming bird picture and shrink it to the size of the humming bird by pressing Ctrl+T.

Then I go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal or Ctrl+Q to flip it horizontally so that it covers the humming birds head.

Then I use the color balance tool Ctrl+B, to change the colour of the squirrel to match the humming bird’s color. And also erase the unnecessary pixels around the squirrels head. Especially to pay attention to the neck area where you have to use a soft brush eraser to remove the extra pixels, so that it match perfectly to the humming bird’s body. The head of the humming bird will also be removed by painting it over with a soft edge brush.

Then I use the lasso tool to select and cut off the parrot’s tail and past it onto the picture above.

Then I use the color balance tool to change the color of the parrot’s tail and use the wrap transform tool to change the shape and color of the parrot’s tail to fit onto the body of the humming bird.

At this stage I then remove the extra pixel around the parrot tail with the magic wand tool “W”.

Then finally I use a hard edge brush to erase the front part of the tail and push it behind the body.

Here is the final result of the designing a fantasy character tutorial. And I hope you have a great time reading it.

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  1. Hannan Shah says:

    i like graphics design i always search for collect new tutorial. this is really so nice tutorial

  2. jakir says:

    nice tutorial, very helpful for me thanks for shearing

  3. Sandra Smith says:

    haha .. though the animal looks somewhat outlandish but still looks good. I will definitely try this.

  4. Business Card Design Vancouver says:

    You have done a great job. I am just a beginner in Photoshop, but I wish one day I can also design this fantasy.

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