Tutorial on how to make letterpress effect in Photoshop

Have you seen some great business cards or logo designs with a 3D text effect and wondered how it’s done? This method, known as letterpress, is a traditional print technique that produces an artisanal 3D effect. Unlike on paper, though, creating a letterpress effect in Photoshop is extremely easy.

Let’s start off with a simple background. I chose a textured background to simulate a real letterpress effect on paper, but any background will do just fine.

letterpress effect photoshop tutorial 1

Next, type out your text to be pressed. This effect works well on logos, button graphics and header images.

letterpress effect photoshop tutorial 2

Double click the text layer to open the Layer Style properties and add an Inner Shadow. This simulates the effect of a shadow cast onto an inset shape. Adjust Distance, Size, and Opacity according to the color of your text – greater Distance produces a deeper letterpress, but the resulting effect should be subtle.

letterpress effect photoshop tutorial 3

Now, add a Drop Shadow that’s a few shades lighter than your background. Adjust accordingly so that you create a thin highlight at the raised edges of the text, where it catches the light. Don’t forget to check Use Global Light – this ensures all the shadows are cast at the same angle.

letterpress effect photoshop tutorial 4

You can set the shadow to a contrasting color to properly place the shadow before changing it to the correct colour.

letterpress effect photoshop tutorial 5

By now you should have a nice, clean letterpress effect and you can stop here if you’re working on a modern or futuristic design.

letterpress effect photoshop tutorial 6

It still looks unnatural and out of place, however, on my textured background. To make the effect more realistic, let’s add a very slight Bevel and Emboss to the text. Adjust the shadow opacity to soften the edges.

letterpress effect photoshop tutorial 7

Finally, I added a Pattern Overlay to replicate the paper texture. It’s not discernible here but try it yourself in Photoshop and you’ll see the difference in a higher resolution image.

letterpress effect photoshop tutorial 8

After adding a few decorative touches, here’s the final result. Time for some coffee – the favourite drink of creative folks.

letterpress effect photoshop tutorial 9

You can also letterpress shapes and icons to create a 3D effect – for example, the border around the “paper” here was also given the letterpress treatment. Have fun!

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  1. Nivetha Rajan says:

    wow, very interesting things here….. thanks for these.

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