Tutorial Removed

This tutorial was reported to be similar to another tutorial on the other site. I have examined it carefully and compared it with another tutorial, many of the diagrams and techniques are almost identical.

It was then realized that both tutorials are created from the same author. Even so, we have no choice but to remove the tutorial from the site and refuse payment. We require our writers/contributors to produce original tutorials exclusively for 10Step.SG, which has not been fulfilled in this case.

Since am the only person managing the site, I do hope the readers to help me out with preserving the originality of every tutorial. The site exist only with all of your supports.

Thanks for following 10Steps.SG!

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  1. firetiger says:

    can you please give us the link of the tutorial from another page?

  2. ahmed says:

    waaaaaaw ..
    you removed the tut. as it is duplicated ..
    we need 10 of you to make the web the best.

  3. jeprie says:

    nice. you really keep the quality of this site by removing duplicated tuts.

  4. John says:

    Do you RSS in a curve encoding!.

  5. Johnson Koh says:

    Thank you Mars. More news regarding the anniversary will be coming up soon!

  6. Mars says:

    and wow, its your 1st anniversary, congratulations to 10steps.sg

  7. Rush says:

    He added potatoes, salt, and put the aquarium on fire)) anektodik remembered a cool article you.

  8. Rush says:

    The author of the monument should be decided for this:).

  9. Johnson Koh says:

    I agree with you 🙂

  10. Garry says:

    Nevertheless, its an awesome concept. =)

  11. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks Gus for pointing this out.
    Rahul Jha is a good writer and supporter of this site. It may be a coincidence with the other tutorial. Allow me to check out further on this matter.

  12. Gus says:

    Im realy sad because you simply copied this tutorial:

  13. Corey says:

    Very cool! Thanks 🙂

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