Making of a Sexy Humanoid


After googling for some time, I found this stunning wallpaper of Danielle Lloyd suitable for this tutorial.

Click here to download Danielle Lloyd wallpaper.

All rights of these resources belong to their respective owners.

Step 1 – Removing Background:

Create a document with size 1020×748 pixels. Open up Danielle Lloyd wallpaper and drag it as a new layer into the document.

Extract model out of the background using Pen tool.

Refer to this post for other methods on extraction.

Step 2 – Drafting the Grooves:

Create a new layer above the model and name it as Draft Lines

Using the Brush tool, with size around 20pts, foreground color set to #000000 and opacity to 50%, draw roughly how you want the grooves to look generally.

The joints are all drawn as circles while the rest are straight lines.

Step 3a – Painting Grooves:

Create a new layer above the Draft Lines and name it as Grooves.

We will concentrate on all the circular joint areas first. Using the Elliptical Marquee tool, draw a circular selection and fill it with #000000 like the one shown in the diagram.

Step 3b – Painting Grooves:

Create another circular selection, slightly smaller than the one you done earlier.

Move the selection a little towards top right of the black circle. Press Delete once you get something like the example.

Repeat Step 3a and 3b for rest of the joint areas.

Step 3c – Painting Grooves:

Using the Brush tool, set the size to 3pt and color to #000000, paint in the remaining grooves.

Notice that I curved all the edges so that it looks better. There is no fixed areas for the grooves. Add in more where you think is appropriate.

Step 4 – Apply Surface Blur:

Select the Model layer and go to Filter > Blur > Surface Blur.

Set the Radius to 5 and Threshold to 8.

Step 5 – Adding Highlights:

While still on the Model layer, select the Dodge tool, set the size to 5pt and use it to highlight the bottom and left edges of each pieces.

This step is to enhance the depth of the grooves.

Step 6 – Adding Shadows:

Similar to Step 5, but this time use the Burn tool, set the size to 5 pt to darken the top and right edges of every pieces.

Step 7a – Adding a 3D Background:

Choose one of the 3D renders over here.

Place the 3D render below all the layers and set its opacity to 30%.

Step 7b – Adding a 3D Background:

Duplicate the same 3D render and set its opacity to 100% this time.

Shift and resize it so it is different from the one at the background.

Step 7c – Adding a 3D Background:

Then duplicate this 3D render and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the radius to 20.

Set the Blend Mode of this duplicated render to Screen and we are done!

Hope you like this tutorial.
Click here to view the final image.

This tutorial is inspired by the amazing humanoid works from MichaelO. What I have written above only display the basic concept. There are more details to look into in order to achieve the effects in the examples below.
Check out MichaelO’s DeviantArt gallery here.

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  1. Gerson says:

    WOW! THANKS A LOT! πŸ™‚ At first, I thought it was veeery, veery hard. But, when I followed all the instructions, it was very easy to understand! thankyou again!

  2. angelblast1997 says:

    for me was hard use the brush so i used the pen tool is more easy

  3. Michelle P. says:

    this is what I’m looking for! An advance ps tut.. Thank you so much!! ^_^

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  5. AAGHORI BABA says:

    nice but i thik u had missed some steps to mention in this tutorial

  6. ken says:

    I’m photoshop beginner in Japan.
    Great tutorial ! ! !
    I challenged at once.
    Thank you.

  7. Galiets says:

    Hola,,, muy buienos el tutoral man,, eres genial,, espero llegar hacer algo mejor que tu algundia,, seee!!!!

    Gracias buen aporte

  8. thanks a lot….amazing work…

  9. alisha says:

    i done it i done what you said and it came out as a picture with lines that are rough what photoshop did you do it on ? x

  10. Hamasaki says:

    Wow, nice tutorial! I’m definitely gonna try that one myself.

  11. you dont knew any anatomy, anyway cool tutorial

  12. Johnny says:

    This is really simple, and the outcome is superb πŸ™‚

  13. addicted says:

    when I hold the shift key my line goes only vertical..

  14. Heaven Ideas says:

    Hi there!

    I got really inspired by this tutorial and I tried a bit diferent to aproach this effect. I made it without using a mouse (only my mousepad from my macbook).

    Here are the results

    or watch the making of video:


  15. Vicky says:

    Hey Buddy Will You Pleas Upload A Video Tutorial In You Tube.B’coz I Try So Hard But Not Get Perfect Result!!!
    I dont wont perfect result like u but i lil bit!!!!!!
    so plzzzz!!!!!

  16. Johnson Koh says:

    Hi Hassan, actually am just using the Brush tool for the grooves. A small tip will be to hold down Shift key while painting. This will form a clean straight line. My curves are formed with multiple straight lines.

    Alternatively, the Pen tool is useful too. You can draw paths for all the grooves and stroke them when you are done. Hope these helps!

  17. Hassan says:

    i want to know how do i curves like you u did it in your photo.. in which tool is it possible.. please kindly reply me..

  18. santo says:

    muy bueno el tutorial, me sirvio y espero poder realizar una imagen similar muy pronto

  19. Eugenio says:

    This is just too much. Really, only a minute ago I was wondering how did MichaelO manage to make such amazing things and now I know the basics to continue figuring out.

    Thank you so very much!!

  20. Johnson Koh says:

    Nice attempt Alex πŸ˜‰

  21. Johnson Koh says:

    Very nice Ronald! Have been busy lately with various trainings.
    Thanks for helping out here πŸ˜€ Much appreciated.

  22. Ronald P. says:


    3a: create a selection using Elliptical Marquee tool and fill it with Black (Edit->Fill or Alt+Backspace but make sure your foreground color is Black)

    3b: create another selection using Elliptical Marquee tool again but smaller than the one that you have created. Place it in the center of the first Circle (still have the Marquee tool selected). Once its centered, hit Delete key. That should create something similar to the 3b picture

    -for step 3b do not fill it with any color, just press delete

    Hope that helps

  23. Mark says:

    I am having problems with 3a and 3b, could someone help me with this step by step. When I try to delete the circle it deletes the whole thing, or the entire layer.

  24. Ronald P. says:

    Oh make sure you put color overlay to Black in blending option. =)

  25. Ronald P. says:

    Hey Johnson, Thanks heaps for the tut. Awesome site too, keep it up. One thing that I like about your site compare to others is that you respond to your viewer. Anyway, I find a different and might be effective way to create those line so might as well share it with you guys.

    Instead of creating by stroking a thick line with your brush, what I did create a line with Pen tool, stroke it (on new layer) say around 5-12 Px (again its depends on your picture). Doesnt matter the color of the stroke. Next, CTRL+Click it and go to model layer. Copy and paste it on a new layer. Remove the stroke layer and deselect selection. For the new layer play around with Blending options, mainly Bevel and emboss. Eye dropped the skin tone for highlight and shadow. Be creative here. Later remove unwanted area with mask layer or erase tool.

    Therefore you reduce the need of using burn or dodge tool for adding depth (personally I hate those 2 tools, well not entirely). Instead of using those 2 tools, I use airbrush most of the time or gradient tool instead (within the selection).

    There you go guys,…Cheers

    “the Sky is the Limit”

  26. Alezz2 says:

    scorpion Tiene Razon!

  27. Alezz2 says:

    Wao De verdad Muy Buen Efecto RELISTA Porsupuesto Ai Que tener uun conocimineto amplio de luces y sombras en potoshop para poder aplicarlo eficasmenteEs Muy Arrecho.

  28. scorpionsxp says:

    Hola esta muy bueno el resultado, pero podrias hacer un tutorial mas didactico ya que sigueindo el tuyo no pude hacer yo uno igua


  29. clancy30 says:

    i followed your steps and i get nothing like your results.

  30. Johnson Koh says:

    No problem Frank πŸ˜€
    I will love to see the various results from my tutorials!

  31. Frank says:

    I will send you the picture when I’m done…and thank you for making all of this information available to us lay people

  32. Johnson Koh says:

    Morning Frank! Thanks for your feedback.
    I did not use a tablet in this tutorial. The lines are painted straight because I was holding down the Shift key when painting πŸ™‚

    Also, I’m facing problems with my tablet…can’t seem to draw good curves with it…

  33. Frank says:

    I love all of your tutorials!! Now my question is, do you use a tablet?

  34. Johnson Koh says:

    Thanks Fahd Motiwala!
    Do give a stumble or digg if you like the article! πŸ˜€

  35. fahd motiwala says:

    u work is osom
    thx to tell me ur trick n tipz
    u rock man

  36. Thomas says:

    how do u do the lines between the circles so well done? please email me.

    good tutorial!

  37. Well done. I have to try this one,too

  38. Well done. I have to try this one.

  39. Thanks for all the tips!

  40. Rus kizlar says:

    Thanks for all the tips! Heres what i came out with.

  41. kevin says:

    es que no entendi nada no puede poner imagenes de los botones etc thank

  42. Rafael Bucio says:

    Muy bueno, un saludo y si que estÑ genial πŸ™‚

  43. Joe Vains says:

    Excellent tutorial ! πŸ˜‰

  44. SNK says:

    Well done. I have to try this one,too

  45. Gibson Photo Art says:

    Well done. I have to try this one.

  46. Kamel says:

    Thanks for all the tips! Heres what i came out with.

  47. elissa says:

    This is awesome!
    I enjoyed this a lot!

  48. Johnson says:

    Thanks guys for the kind words!

  49. sam says:

    exelente!!! gracias

  50. so great tutorial, I especially like idea..:)

  51. saden says:

    Good idea,very nice!!!but Some of the most critical of a simple

  52. KalastroMakeinz says:

    very nice but… plz can u make a more detailed version?

  53. Ventura says:

    πŸ™‚ nice πŸ˜€
    BIG Thanks

  54. Johnson says:

    Thanks Jansen and Gini! πŸ˜‰

  55. Gini says:

    Awesome effect! I love it!

  56. Jansen Joseph says:

    Just WOW

  57. Johnson says:

    Thanks Nic! πŸ˜€

  58. Nic says:

    u given us a clear idea on how this is being done.

    also michael’s works is… absolutely stunning!

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